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Server Description

We have all working skills

We have mini games, and bosses

Few custom interfaces´╗┐

Pk mode

vote and donate worked

Boss event is almost finished.

4 custom pets with pet perks

Worki´╗┐ng inferno

- Updated users/ yell colors

- 200m xp announcements

- Inferal max cape is added to make it you need infernal cape plus max cape use item on item and it makes infernal max cape

- 2 pet perks has been added fairy pet drop bonus of 20 percent, and dragonkin pet it tele grab your item from a npc you kill 50 percenct chance of banking ur loot if you have him in the wildy it auto maticlly teleport your loot to the bank pvp

- Osrs items added, 

- Fixed infernal max cape

- 120 capes fixed and added

- I have added a command to allow the end user to change the color of their yell.

Trimming armor is added you need 200mil xp in crafting and the materials

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