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SerenityPs is a brand new RSPS Pk/Eco you have the option upon logging in to be a pker or a extreme player, Extreme players cannot spawn items or set levels everything is done the good old fashion way, events will be hosted every weekend along side double experience weekends and cybermondays that means all prices are discounted on donations! We also have a funpk for those who dont like to risk until they get the hang of it. Amazing bosses with multiple combat styles like zulrah bandos corporeal beast,ect will keep you entertained while you decide to relax from pking or skilling, we have almost all skills up and running and more to come along with donator zones and exlusive items, along with the amazing pet insurrance we have amazing staff willing and eager to learn from you! the players to supporting and resolving you/re every issue, feel free to ask any questions just by typing::help ingame,

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