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Welcome to PKISHERE, a new replica of the legendary spawn server of PKFAST, also known as FIREPK![/FONT][/SIZE][/CENTER]


We/ve resurrected this infamous server with our own [COLOR="#008000"]twists[/COLOR] including:



- Customs

- Flawless combat system.

- 24/7 Gametime.[/COLOR]

     [COLOR="#FF0000"][FONT=Verdana]A more detailed list of features include:[/FONT][/COLOR]



Login, chose between various classes, including: Master, Pure, Tanker, Zerker, etc...

           ::item, ::spawn. (not everything/s spawnable..).

           Flawless Pk ticket system, very very hard to bypass it.

           Various Pk ticket shop, including barrows armor.

           Fully working Full Screen, Resizeable and Fixed.

           Test your skills before going Pking at ::funpk.

           Hosted on a dedicated server - online 24/7

           Flawless combat system - perfect timing, animations and calculations

           Battle in the wilderness with hundreds of players, and risk all your items in the high risk arena of Dangerous PK!

           Several minigames, including Dh FFA, Hero, Pest Control, Barrows, Jad and much more.

           Regular content updates with active developers

           19 skills fully working




[SIZE=5][COLOR="#FFFFFF"]Pk Is Here | Endless Content & Unparalleled Enjoyment[/COLOR][/SIZE][/CENTER]

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