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Hi there,

My name is David and i/m from the netherlands. Excuse me if my english isn/t perfect. I am 19 years old and have a pretty long history in the RSPS Scene. After running several succesfull servers it/s time to give my RSPS Carreer a twist. GambleScape is A Semi-Custom Runescape private server. What does that exactly mean? 

GambleScape stands for:

GambleScape stands for lots of content, A wel balanced economy, a friendly community and ofcourse Custom Items! Our custom items can only be used in PvM. This means that it doesn/t affect the PvP content, and also doesn/t make items such as torva and armadyl godsword worthless! We/ve spent countless of hours to find the perfect balance between a Custom server and a Regular server. And I think we did a pretty damn good job on that. 

When does GambleScape release?

As of now there is no exact date when we/re going to officialy release GambleScape. There are still alot of things that needs to be done and redone. However we/re working around the clock to release as fast as we can!


If you have any more questions, feel free to join our discord!


Kind Regards,


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